Portfolio Of Commodities

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Commodities are the backbone of global economy. They are natural resources traded worldwide and their existence employs thousands of people across the globe.

We specialize in the trading of hard commodities through our value adding efforts. With our trusted partners in the mining sector, we ensure that we manage the risk on behalf of our clients.

Our prices are highly competitive and are benchmarked with current market trends. We develop innovative solutions to our clients’ individual requirements through financing, logistics, contractual agreements and pricing strategies.

Our core commodities are:

  • Gold
  • Coal
  • Manganese

  • We trade in both Anthracite and Bituminous coal for both industrial and domestic use.
  • We also trade in charcoal and lean coal for industrial and metallurgical use.
  • We trade on a variety of coal sizes and types: Peas, Nuts and Duff.
  • We cater for the export market as well.

Together with our mining partner, we have created a seamless process in trading gold. In line with our strategy to create value, we have a processing and refinery plant to maintain the value of our high grade gold.

Our manganese-mining source lies in the Kalahari Manganese Field in the Northern Cape province in South Africa, about 700km southwest of Johannesburg, which contains around 80% of the world’s known high-grade manganese ore reserves. We ensure delivery to our clients by managing risks through finance and logistics. Our prices are highly competitive and market related. We can guarantee supply over long term.

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Road: We have partnerships with various transporters which we have utilized in the past and all together have a fleet of over 200 trucks which we can utilize and have a proven track record with road logistics.
Our logistics partners have a range of delivery vehicles like:

  • Side tippers
  • Rear tippers
  • Walking floor trailers
  • Super and interlinks
Rail: We have designated rail sidings that can be utilized for delivery to the ports.